Cai Peng

Cai Peng is a Beijing based Designer, Typographer, and Creative Director. In 2006 he graduated from Beijing University of Technology Institute of Art and Design, major in visual communication design. His work has been recognized by The Tokyo TDC, The BJDW, AIGA, SGDA, Behance, Hiiibrand, UK Guardian, Viction:ary, idN™ Magazine, Choi's Magazine, FFFFOUND, EKOO, Hightone, CTA:Talk, Baronmag, Eightsix, TrendsLounge, LaneCrawford and National Football Museum.



13th Months Records - Experimental Latin Typography | IKON-DESIGN

WONDER TRIP - The connotative letterform is in shape contrast to the bright color. After deconstruction and split to the English letterform. the Chinese characters which mean WONDER TRIP will appear. In this way, people get interested in the exploration to the letterform after attracted by the color. Meanwhile, they enter into the vision flow of my design. That course is a WONDER TRIP of both vision and emotion.

It's designer for the Gap brand badge design activities, The theme of "Let's Enjoy the Experience Together". The concept of freedom of expression and contains some young passion.

Won the "Hiii Typography 2014" international typography design competition award - Chinese Experimental

SIGNAL - For video signal interruption or failure in everyday life. Want more of these design applications can ease in a nervous and feel boring in the process of waiting for the crowd.

Nanjing Art Triennial - Asian orientation, visual indentity design | IKON-DESIGN

September 10, 2008, with "Asian orientation" as the theme of the third "Nanjing Triennial" at the Nanjing Museum opened. Direction and position of the so-called "Asian orientation", that this art exhibition, means: Based on the national experience of Asian countries, the performance of urban fantasy, social criticism, the value of consultations, routine care, religion and customs, tradition and modernity, the real and virtual. And the real world, the rise of China and India, corresponding artists from Asia are no longer silent, speak not with the back of the mainstream art discourse in the West, but their direct speak.


John O'shea / Curator,Artist (uk) - Pigs Bladder Football
Dan Byrne / Editor,Designer (uk) - Spiel Magazine
Peng Cai / Designer (china) - lab.Choi-system

Forehead / Project Site Support (china) Forehead Space - Flicking forehead

Final designs will be shown at National Football Museum Manchester, UK all materials provided.

2010 / 2011 Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Merit Award - Tokyo TDC

On August 28, 2014 in the morning, two design projects is awarded special recommendation of all creative filed in the world by Behance, which have been included by Typography Served Sites and placed at the top on the home page.

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